Local Events

Search HERE for events by the category and dates that interest you.

Here is a listing of some or our favourite  events for 2020:

(June 8 – 11) Greek Fest – www.greekfest.org
(June 27 –  July 4) Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo – www.nstattoo.ca
(July 7 – 12) TD Halifax Jazz Festival – halifaxjazzfestival.ca
(July 16 – 26) Halifax Pride Festival – www.Halifaxpride.com
(Jul 29 – Aug 3) Halifax International Busker Festival – www.buskers.ca
(Jul 31 – Aug 3) Natal Day Festival – natalday.org
(Sept 17 – 24) Atlantic Film Festival – www.atlanticfilm.com
(Oct 12 & 14) Nocturne – Art At Night – www.nocturnehalifax.ca
(Oct 21 – 24) Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival & Conference – www.halifaxpopexplosion.com


  1. I can’t believe that I’m asking you to do this, but can you please put me on your mailing list? I’m looking to travel to NS next summer and your B&B is on the top of my list. I’d like something for two weeks.

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